Workshops & Technical Sessions

Learn new skills and techniqus in one of our workshops or technical presentation sessions. Most of our workshops and technical sessions are offered in conjunction with conference programs, but we also provide one-on-one and custom programs as well. See our schedule to find out we are teaching next. Contact us to find out how we can tailor a workshop or technical session for you and your team.

Better by Design: The Power of Data Visualization

1 hour technical session
Discover the power of visualization and how to harness that power to turn your work into something that gets noticed. We’ll explore the fundamentals of effective data visualization and design, provide tips on how to make better designs, and share resources for finding royalty free images, fonts, and graphics.

Upgrade Your Design: Become a Data Viz Wiz

1 hour technical session
In this technical session we will take the lessons taught in the "Better by Design: The Power of Data Visualization" session and put them into action. Take a guided tour through a variety of data visualizations, transforming them into effective designs that engage the reader and provoke understanding. This is an excellent opportunity to see first hand the power of effective data visualization practices in action.

Harnessing the Power of Storytelling

1 hour technical session
This technical session illustrates how to harness various storytelling techniques with ArcGIS StoryMaps to educate, build awareness, or showcase a project. Get inspired and take away some tips and tricks to tell impactful stories that make a difference!

Data Visualization and Storytelling Essentials

3 hour workshop
Communicating with data is a key aspect of GIS. In this technical session you will learn best practices for presenting your data visually and telling stories that bring your data to life. Discover how to create great data visualizations, how to get your audience's attention (and keep it!), and how to effectively communicate with storytelling techniques.

Visualize This:
Bringing Your Data to Life When Words Fail

Hands-on workshop
90 minute and 3-hour versions available

Words. Words. Words. In a society of click-bait headlines and memes, less words and better visuals will make your project stand out. Discover the power of data visualization and how to harness that power to turn a good chart, map, or presentation into something great. This hands-on workshop requires basic knowledge of Excel and ArcGIS Pro (an ArcMap desktop version is available upon request).

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