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Visualize This: Bringing Your Data to Life When Words Fail

On October 31, 2023
At Zoom

Words. Words. Words. In a society of click-bait headlines and memes, fewer words and better visuals will make your project stand out. In this session you will discover the power of data visualization and how to harness that power to turn a good map, chart, or presentation into something great. In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of data visualization, understand accessibility issues, and get hands-on experience making better charts and maps.

Key Takeaways

  • Why data visualization is important;
  • how to change a default Excel chart into a useful data visualization;
  • changes you can make to your maps that will improve their accessibility and effectiveness;
  • methods to test the accessibility of your visualizations;
  • how to tell an impactful story with your data;

Intended Audience

Anyone who wants to improve their charts, maps, and presentations.

See agenda for AGIC Education & Training Symposium

*** NOTE: This hands-on workshop is offered at the 2023 AGIC Education & Training Symposium


  • Jami Dennis, GISP

    Jami Dennis, GISP

    Jami Dennis has thirty years of experience in GIS, socio-economic research, demographic studies, data analysis, and data visualization. She has worked in both state and regional government. She currently works in private practice on a variety of geospatial projects. Her current passion is using data visualization techniques to communicate complicated subjects. She serves on the Board for the GIS Certification Institute and is co-founder of the Arizona chapter for Women In GIS. Outside of work, Jami is an avid camper, hiker, and occasionally good mountain biker.